OncompassTM Medicine is an International Health Information Group, which helps oncologists to define the most appropriate cancer treatment strategy for their patients, and supports patients to find access to the best personalized cancer therapies based on a unique clinical interpretation of molecular diagnostic results.

OncompassTM Tumour Board develops information technology methods and systems for selecting the right molecular diagnostics and provide clinical interpretation of the molecular genetic alterations in cancer.

OncompassTM collaborates with oncologists to provide pertinent molecular and clinical information in order to evaluate treatment options, helps patients to get access to novel therapies and clinical trials.

Through its affiliate, Oncompass Medicine Hungary, founded in 2003, or through internationally reputable subcontractors, Oncompass can provide also state of the art, NGS based multi-gene and FISH testing for cancer patients in Europe.

OncompassTM operates through a Swiss, and a Hungarian operating entity, receiving samples across Europe. Recently the Company launched additional presence through affiliates or distributors in Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria Poland, Austria, Germany and Turkey and plans to enter the US in 2017 with its new, cloud-based, Clinical Decision Support System, the RealTime Oncology Treatment Calculator. The new system not only empowers doctors to make better decisions, but aims to build a coalition of all stakeholders to fight cancer (including oncologists, patients, diagnostic and pharma companies, as well as insurance companies, various other partners involved in enhancing decision making and therapy access).

OncompassTM Medicine, founded 15 years ago by 2 physicians and researcher has several times in its history pioneered the use of molecular diagnostics for supporting clinical cancer treatment strategies. For example, in 2003, for the first time ever, a patient was prospectively given a targeted therapy to correspond to its EGFR driver gene mutation. It resulted in a multi-year progression free survival.

OncompassTM is owned by private individuals (including reputable European scientists and doctors) and the PortfoLion Venture Capital Fund Management Company (managing a fund under the JEREMIE program of the European Commission).

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