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Can it happen that targeted treatment is not the best solution for me?

When the test is ordered, a medical consultation is required because it may happen that for you the best option is a safe surgery. Or, it may happen that your tumor becomes operable as a result of traditional chemotherapy.

Due to the large number of genes tested by us, you or your relatives have a fair chance that we detect the gene mutation responsible for the tumor. You must also know that modern targeted anticancer therapy cannot be administered in all patients.

At the present, we cannot detect all gene mutations and we do not have personalized drugs for each gene mutation.

Suitability for targeted treatment always depends on the findings of the molecular diagnostic test. In the absence of an appropriate drug-target there is no sense in trying targeted treatments by chance. This is because in this case no faulty molecule can be detected in the tumor cells, which would allow achieving efficient results if targeted, or such gene mutation is detected for which no targeted treatment option is known yet.

In these cases, the best solution will include traditional procedures, that is, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or the combinations thereof. However, ordering the molecular diagnostic test is not unnecessary even in this case, because this is very useful information for the treating physician. In case of negative results, we already know that there is no targeted therapy available, which could help more than traditional anticancer therapies. But only at this time! Today traditional therapies (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy) prolong the life of the patients. Moreover, combined therapies may lead to full recovery in many cases. So, if traditional therapies are successful, this could mean years for the patient, during which time a new active substance may be developed and the patient will have a greater chance of having access to this drug, compared with the situation when neither the patient nor the treating physician know that the tumor cells of the patient contain precisely that molecular alteration influenced by the new drug.

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