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How can our service be ordered?

Since selecting a personalized drug treatment is part of the complex treatment of cancer, it is very important to have the treating physician or the doctors working at our center provide detailed information on the reason for the Oncompass services and their possible uses in view of the patient’s medical history.

Contact our international information line via phone (+36 70 622 3713) or e-mail ( Our colleagues will provide you with information on whether or not your treating physician is our partner doctor or where can you find the nearest partner doctor in molecular oncology.

If you decide to order Oncompass services, you will be provided a Patient Information and Order Form, which you will need to read and sign. Your treating physician will also need to fill in and sign a Request Form, providing information on your clinical status and attesting the medical necessity for the OncompassTM Service. By individual request we can also help you to get your tumor tissue samples necessary for the tests from the pathology department, where your tissue sample is stored. You or the pathology department will send these samples to us with a pre-arranged DHL service to carry out the required molecular diagnostic tests.

We also arrange for the tumor tissue samples necessary for the tests to be requested from the pathology department, so you or your treating physician’s only task is to provide us with information on the institution that stores your tissue samples. This institution will send these samples to us to carry out the required molecular diagnostic tests.

If there is no partner oncologist nearby, you may request a consultation with our doctors in person or in writing.

The results of our service and related proposals will be presented to you by the treating physician.

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