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We open a door to treatment options available in the world: get information about all targeted therapies at one place.

The molecular information service of the Oncompass provides an international overview of the most recent scientific results in cancer research and molecularly targeted personalized treatment options.

Most oncology centers offer therapeutic options available at their clinic, and only recommend diagnostic tests to choose among therapeutic options available there. However, there is an extremely fast development in oncology research therefore there are several treatment options which are not available everywhere. If you go to one clinic by chance you may not be at the right place to get the treatment which is best for you.

Oncompass is an independent information and diagnostic center in connection with most excellent public and private oncology centers. We will refer you to one of these next our partner oncologist orders the Oncompass diagnostic test for you. We will analyze your tumor sample which was taken for the pathology test and stored for 30 years at the pathology department, then we provide detailed analysis about the currently available personalized treatment options specifically designed against your tumor. Next, you may get the targeted treatment at the clinic where you are or our partner oncologist will refer you to another clinic in our network of oncology centers where you can get the specific therapy.

This means that you don’t have to travel all across the world to learn about what options are available and where.

Overall there are 138 known driver genes, the mutations of which may play a significant role in the formation of human tumors. The number of drug molecules, which can be efficient both in you and your relatives, exceeds 260. 60% of novel anti-cancer clinical trials are linked to gene mutations and other biomarkers.

Clinical trial centers screen their patients for biomarkers which are targeted by drugs which are marketed and financed at their center, and for biomarkers targeted by clinical trials which are available in their clinic. However, most biomarkers (mutations) occur only in small fraction of tumor cases (5-10%).   Therefore, the chances are very low that a patient can be enrolled into a targeted clinical trial if targets of other centers are not tested. The problem occurs when the patient’s tumor contains a mutation, which is targeted by a drug which is available only at another oncology center, but this will be never discovered, since that gene is not analyzed and there is not even information about these possibilities.

The solution is to go to a molecular oncology information center as Oncompass, test all possible targets and then to go where the best personalized treatment solution is available.

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