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ONCOMPASS™ All-Dynamic Program

The ONCOMPASS™ All Dynamic Program offers molecular diagnostic service with interpretation for targeted therapies based on a panel of almost 600 genes (or whole exome) covering 100% of the traditionally used panels. The program contains a 5-year decision support before each new treatment line, recommendations from our Molecular Tumour Board for the treating physician, list of potential clinical trials worldwide and access to the RealTime Oncology Treatment Calculator.

ONCOMPASS™ Calculator to find which targeted therapy has a positive or negative association with the individual mutation profile of the patient, based on the findings of cited publications. The Calculator reports whether an effective drug is registered for the patient’s tumor type or only available off label or in clinical trials. It also discloses which compound is not likely to be effective in the fight against the tumor.

A list of available clinical trials worldwide that might benefit the patient.

When to choose ONCOMPASS™ All Dynamic Program:

Our ONCOMPASS™ All Dynamic Program offers a unique diagnostic test covering the entire exons of more than 600 genes, detecting all actionable mutations associated with tumours. The number of targeted therapies – and therefore the number of mutations with available personalised treatment options is continually increasing. The ONCOMPASS™ All Dynamic Program provides the most comprehensive investigation of the possible biomarkers.

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