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Why is it better to test all the genes together at the same time?

1. Gain time

The goal is to obtain as much molecular information as possible using a sample as quickly as possible. Theoretically, it is possible to test genes one at a time, in which case it would be reasonable to begin testing with the most common gene mutations. In this case, the risk is that 2-3 weeks are lost with each tested gene.

2. One sample is enough for several tests

Another risk is that a small tissue sample is repeatedly sectioned for each test, so it does not last for long. In this case a new, often painful and potentially dangerous sampling must be carried out. For technical reasons, a smaller sample will suffice if all tests are done at the same time.

3. You are provided with information

Oncompass provides not simply a multiple-gene test, but also a related information service, including biological and clinical interpretation of the results and a continuous decision support.

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