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Therapy Access Program

A personally allocated Therapy Access Program Manager helps you access targeted treatment after ONCOMPASS™ Full or Select has been carried out. Utilizing existing relationships with clinical trial centers, Therapy Access Program facilitates the process of joining a suitable clinical trial chosen by you and your treating physician. We cannot promise success, but will do our best to help.

HOW CAN ONCOMPASS™ Therapy Access Program HELP YOU?

Patients with or without ONCOMPASS™ service, who decide to seek targeted treatment, that is not standard of care, at another oncology centre nationally or internationally, or needs administrative help for accessing drugs can choose ONCOMPASS™ Therapy Access Program (PA) service. Clinical trial participation is always the decision of the patient and the family. Clinical trials only accept limited number of patients and have very strict inclusion criteria. In order to avoid un-necessary trips to location sites nationally and internationally, to minimize the time interval of being without an appropriate treatment, and to maximize the chance of trial participation, patients can choose our PA service for a separate fee


On behalf of the patient and treating physician, we initiate contacting the Principle Investigator/study coordinator of the trial(s) in question.

By representing the patient, we are responsible for providing the Principal Investigator at specific location site with the requested patient information translated to English including patient’s personal and medical history summary sheet, ONCOMPASS™ Report, as well as any special requested documents necessary for trial participation.

We inform our patient and/or family in advance about the clinical trials in general, the details of the particular trial(s) in question. Discuss the risks, pros and cons and limitations of the trial, as well as the potential expected out of pocket cost involved with the trial.

We facilitate arranging the First Consultation between the patient/patient’s representative and the Principal Investigator/study co-ordinator at an oncology center in order to discuss the potential trial participation, to reassess the patient for all inclusion and exclusion criteria, and to consent when appropriate.

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