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ONCOMPASS™: a compass in oncology to find the best personalized therapy

The term referring to this service that helps you choose a personalized treatment, ONCOMPASS ™ was created from the English words “oncology” and “compass”. ONCOMPASS ™ provides detailed information on whether a gene mutation is present that influences your therapy.

Based on the result, we can say whether your tumor contains a specific gene mutation or mutations, depending on which your oncologist can plan a personalized treatment for you.

You will be provided information on whether there is a treatment option in the world that is specially customized for your particular type of tumor. This treatment can be both a marketed drug and a drug in clinical trial stage.

It is often valuable information to know what treatment is probably ineffective because this makes it possible to avoid unnecessary suffering and costs.

We cannot promise that a personalized treatment may be administered in all cases based on our tests, only that we can provide you with a reassuring answer concerning this question.

The answer is often to continue the current treatment strategy and to not modify it. Because, even in this age of targeted treatments, surgical removal is still the most effective method, and currently administered radiotherapies and chemotherapies, as well as their combinations are often successful, it is of utmost importance to have an oncologist help you to decide how to use the possibilities provided based on molecular information.

We offer a unique possibility in the whole of Europe

Oncompass Medicine is pioneering a new type of healthcare service, the molecular oncology information service in Europe. In the USA, there are only a couple of similar, newly established providers. It must be noted that there are large molecular genetic and pathology centers, as well as centers using new generation genetic analysis methods in Europe, while the data are evaluated by bioinformatics companies. These providers are not alternatives to our services or our competitors, but our potential partners. Oncompass provides services that link information obtained from cancer biology research, the results of molecular diagnostic tests and information required for the administration of targeted therapeutic options in practice.

Due to the information explosion, we need new solutions to maximize the chance of personalized therapy

Questions concerning the testing of over 600 genes and suitability of 400 drugs led to an explosion of information, which makes it extremely difficult to make sense of them using traditional methods.

Therefore, our diagnostic center provides support services for treating physicians to help them interpreting the results. We offer assistance in deciding to which active substance the tumor will be sensitive or resistant. Thus, we may help the treating physician, but it is important to know that the treating physician will take into account other criteria when selecting a particular drug (stage of the disease, co-morbidities, blood count and so on).

There are many new drugs approved for marketing worldwide and hundreds of drugs are under development in various countries, many of them linked to a biomarker. It is impossible to remember the inclusion and exclusion criteria of all trials. For this reason, there is a need for molecular diagnostic and information provider centers, like our own. Besides molecular tests, we also provide a constantly updated database containing all available clinical trials. Thanks to this, our center has current information about almost all clinical trials conducted in relation to targeted treatments.

Study results may help in choosing between financed treatments available in the oncology center. For certain drugs or methods of use, the authorization by the pharmaceutical institution is also required. Our specialists may assist your treating physician with this authorization to reduce their administrative workload.  However, it is important to note that these treatment options are usually not financed by public insurance funds.

We help you make sense of the forest of gene mutations

Our diagnostic tests are able to detect possible mutations in up to 600 genes which are most frequently responsible for cancers. We find the most often of these genes in lung cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and head and neck cancer.

Although we do not test all possible cancer genes but since we test the most frequent ones we find mutations in 70-80% of cases. Any of these mutations can occur in any cancers but there are certain mutations, which are more frequent in one cancer than in another..

In most centers in the world, only couple genes are evaluated during routine tests, but in the USA common practice is to test a couple of dozens of genes. Our services are even more comprehensive for, as we mentioned above, we test up to 600 possible gene mutations in total, related to the cancer, using state-of-the-art instruments and with the highest expertise. Our services are unique in that, we do not only do diagnostic activities, but we also help you to make sense of the forest of genes and mutations, and we “translate” the results obtained from molecular tests to be used in the treatment.

Patients who come to us are provided not with a non-transparent patchwork of data, but are offered real and practical help through the treating physician. It will become clear whether or not an approved or not yet approved drug, but with an appropriate action mechanism is available for a particular tumor type, or whether or not there is a clinical trial which could provide an efficient treatment if you are included.

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