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What results can I expect?

Based on the results your oncologist may propose a targeted therapy.

It can also happen that with the help of Oncompass the doctor will avoid to use a drug due to the expected inefficacy that he or she would have otherwise proposed. Therefore you do not have to suffer from an ineffective therapy.

The doctor may propose to continue the therapy in the particular oncology center, using traditional treatments or drugs in clinical trial stage.

Or, it may happen that you will be advised to participate in a clinical trial conducted in another oncology center (within your country or abroad), in which an active substance is evaluated that was especially developed for tumors containing a gene mutation that your tumor also contains.

It can happen that we detect no mutations in any gene, which does not mean that the test was unnecessary because the absence of certain gene mutations may increase the efficacy of targeted treatments that influence other genes. On the other hand Oncompass saved the time and repeated sampling.

If a new gene is discovered in the future, patients who know that their tumor tested negative for the previously known genes have a greater chance that the test of the new gene will be positive.

The test is not completely unnecessary even if currently there is no personalized treatment option for the gene mutation detected in the tumor, because if this possibility arises in the future, patients for whom this information is already available may have access to this new treatment option in a shorter time.

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